Monday, March 1, 2010

Grind Time Now: Madness vs Marvwon

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Before the battle Marvwon made a corny joke or remark about Madness. Well any ways Madness truly lived up to his name in the first round showing off that he's not just a good Mc it seems he has stand up comedy skills too.It was amazing how he's able to incorporate this skill into his rhymes battle raps. I like when Marvwon finished his verse by saying, "you look like the Kool-Aid man in PiƱa colada flavor."That was dope but still as far as who won that battle i would say Madness got this a very little bit.

In the second round of this Grind Time rhyme battle. Madness went hard, I really like truly like the rhyme where he said, "trying to find you is like trying to find haystack in a needle."I don't feel like Marvwon said enough his verse for this round was short. I was truly feeling what he had to say when he did rap .

Madness is truly a an animal in the last round. He truly elaborated on his rhymes the right way and really made this a main event.Marvwon was also a true savage in this round, They pretty much tied for this round in my opinion.

After round 3 the judges ruled to for there to be a round 4 aka sudden death or overtime whatever you wanna call it They couldn't decide on who won this battle.

In overtime rap battle aka the 3rd round,Madness served Marvwon . Marvwon's vere was just too short.He didn't grab the crowd as much and his verse was too short.Marvwon held his own but in the end I would have to give that round to Madness.
Madness was crowned campion of the wole battle at in the end.This was a truly entertaining rap battle

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