Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grind Time Now : Fresco vs Paperwerks

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In the battle first rap battle round Fresco won it hands down. I liked Frescos rhymes better.It looked like Paperwerks touched Frescos Shirt at the end of this round. I didn't like that.Paperwerks didn't get as good as a response when he was rapping.

In round 2 Fresco ate Paperwerks. Paperweks got super hyped up but wasn't saying much. Paperwerks spit a few a few hot bars literally 3.He was all delivery and not enough rhymes. I thought he was gonna attack Fresco for a minute.

Fresco destroyed Paperwerks in the the third round of the rap battle. Paperwerks only spit one hot line.Paperwerks was all hyped up to say nothing .

At the end there was a fourth round or as they call it OT just for promotional use.Dam Paperwerks surprised me this round but still not good enough.Fresco killed him easy with crazy rap punchlines for days.

Fresco took 1 thousand dollars home

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