Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grind Time Now Rap Battle: Rheteric Ramirez vs Tiger Ty

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Tiger TY and Rheteric Ramirez tied it up in this rap battle round if you ask me. Rheteric was a little more serious with some hard bars but Tiger TY's verse was funnier it was my favorite.He was truly an animal and had a lot of spontaneous rhyme jokes the only thing I didn't like was when he won the coin flip and chose for his opponent to go first.

In the second round Tiger Ty started off great but in the middle of his verse he started to fade out and run out of things to say. I got to give that round to Rheteric Ramirez.

In the third to Tiger Ty choked too hard and ran out of things to say during the battle.Tiger TY was my favorite rapper in this rhyme bout but he didn't win the rap battle.

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