Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AHAT.tv Rap Battles @ UNLV: K.O.N vs Streetz

This first rap round belongs to them both it was a tie. at the beginning of this rap battle Streetz showed that was more of the lyricist type and his metaphors were better than the average but K.O.N. was better in that category but his flow and rhyming skills wasn't as good. I would have to say that these 2 evenly matched competitors both went hard in the first round of this rap battle.

In the second round of this rap battle I would say this was a tie because they both are equally matched competitors with different strong points. I must say K.O.N said a lot of quotable rhymes. Streetz was real fluent with his fast rhyme style in the second round.

They both were equally matched competitors one was stronger with the lyrics and the other was better with the punchlines even though K.O.N won the battle I still think this rap battle was a tie. It wasn't easy to tell who was the better rapper.


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