Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rap Battle KOTD - Title Match - Hollohan vs The Saurus

This was an interesting rap battle in the first round. The Saurus's rap flow is was whole lot smoother. Hollohan had great punchlines but his rap verse was too short. The Saurus said a whole lot more hot rap punchlines than Hollohan. In my opinion The Saurus won the first round of the rap battle.

The Saurus had a better rap flow than The Saurus. The Saurus had a better rap delivery it hyped up the crowd. Both rappers had evenly good rap punchlines. I the way Hollohan ended his rap verse and he's probably rite about one of the statements he made saying that King Of The Dot battles is the only reason Grind Time exists. Hollohan's last statement was a great ending to this verse of the rap battle.

It looked like The Saurus out rapped Hollohan in the third round but when I heard The Saurus's rap verse in this rap round of the rap tournament he totally countered and reversed what his opponent in this rap battle said. Hollohan seemed to hold his own when it came down to rapping in this round of the rap battle he lost.


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