Friday, March 5, 2010

New Haven Rap Battle Clint-Gee vs Lil Jeff

In the first round the battle was mad close but in my opinion I'd have to give that round lil Jeff . Clint Gee would've got him i was feeling how he rhymed with his syllables but he slipped up in the middle of his verse.I also was feeling the rhymes he was a loose canon. I enjoyed his rap style better but i wouldn't give him that round because he messed up. Lil Jeff came prepared and spit fire i can't complain about nothing he spit and his flow and rap delivery was hot.

In the second round Clint-Gee went sick he stopped I guess he messed up but it was smoother than the first round. Lil Jeff was spitting hard and his delivery was hot.His rhymes was in your face and it looked he was getting under Clints skin thoe i could be wrong.

In the third round of this rap battle both of these dudes definitely tied it up. They both gave it there 110% and they both spit fire. I can't really call it in this round .Clint didn't stop in the middle of his verse or anything like tat he kept going in strong and long and they both kept the crowd on they toes.

In the last rap battle i would have to go with Clint G.Clint G did his thing and had super hot rhymes and punchlines with a swift delivery.Lil Jeff kept his didn't slip up he did his thing in his thing in this battle but apparently not good enoughh.

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