Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grind TIme Presents: KI Design vs Volatile

KI Design started the rap battle off. He said in his rap lyrics that the only reason he didn't make the only reason he didn't make the fresh coast rap league was because his opponent for the rap battle didn't show up.Volatile had hotter rap punchlines and moved the crowd more with his rap Lyrics and rap delivery. Round one of this rap battle would have to ho to Volatile. Volatile seemed like his verse was a rap freestyle.

The second round of the rap battle seems to belong to KI Design. KI design's last rap rhyme for this round of the rap battle was the coldest rhyme of this rap battle round.I would have to say that this round of the rap battle easily goes KI Design.

In the third and last round of the rap of this rap battle Volatile seemed like he was freestyle rapping. Volatile slipped up on his rap lyrics and he didn't have the crowd cheer enough his rap lyrics were straight but this round of the rap battle would have to go to KI Design with out a doubt.

Who Do you think won? Leave a comment

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1 comment:

  1. Volatile was neither freestyle rapping nor winning any rounds at any point. Get off your brother, or best friends nuts. cause thats the only way youd see what you saw.


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