Saturday, March 20, 2010

Grind Time Presents: 9DM vs Everybody Knows

The rapper that won this rap round of the rap battle in my opinion being a long time follower of rap was 9DM. 9dM Had hardcore rap punchlines with a real smooth rhyme flow. Everybody Knows had a real good rap verse but I think he under estimated 9Dm's rap talent. Though I can't even front I did but he proved me wrong when he started rapping. 9Dm was second in this rap battle spitting his rap verse second.

In the 2nd rap battle round verse Everybody Knows couldn't top 9Dm in his rap verses. 9Dm this boy from Washington was on his hustle with rap verses. 9Dm's rap flow in the second rap round was powerful. Everybody knows is a pretty good rap punchline rapper I must say though. 9Dm won this round of the rap battle his rap verses were too much.

In the third round of this rap battle the rapper Everybody knows had crazy hot rap punchlines but 9DM's rap delivery is what really made beat Everybody Knows in the third round of this rap battle. both of these rappers were just as good as each other when it came to rapping.

Sonny Bamboo And Grind Time Midwest Presents: Monsters In The Midway, Vol. 1

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