Sunday, March 21, 2010

URL presents Oun P vs DNA

The first round of this rap battle was conquered by rapper DNA. DNA started off spitting some corny rap lyrics. Oun P went hard and his rap delivery was in your face raw. Oun P definitely livened up the rap battle with hardcore rap delivery. DNA was an entertaining with his rap delivery also but what really helped him take this round of the rap battle in my opinion was Oun P finishing rap verse early.

Oun P started the second rap round with a funny ass rap verse. Oun P had one of his people join in and add a rhyme to his rap verse which I thought was interesting and creative. Oun P may have won this rap round his rap delivery was on another planet his rap punchlines were straight. I can't really tell which rapper won this round of the rap battle.

DNA's rap lyrics were funny as hell. DNA is a funny rapper. I'm mad at that Oun P was getting in DNA's face while he was rapping. DNA had a tough rap verse too in the end of the third round. His rap delivery was super hard. I can't really tell who's rap verse was better.

Sonny Bamboo And Grind Time Midwest Presents: Monsters In The Midway, Vol. 1

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