Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grind Time Now : Chicago's Own vs Carter Deems

Chicago's Own
Both of these rappers had very unique and different styles. Chicago had a truly gangster delivery and rhymes and was talking more about killing shit while Carter Deems seemed to be freestyle rapping and he rapped with more of a comedic influence. I would have to give them both a Tie for this round.
Carter Deems

In the second round Chicago's Own truly set the the stakes and spit some more of that gangsta killa nigga shit. Carter Deems hit striked back with too good of a counter and I would say he got the this round In my opinion.

Wow i don't know who won the third round it was definitely what they predicted at the beggining a clash of styles. I can't put my finger on who won this round.

Carter Deems slipped up in the fourth round otherwise known as OT.Chicagos
Own took the victory but dam Carter is petty dam good at freestyling.

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