Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: G Souldier vs Syahboy

In the first rap round Syahboy started up this round. Syahboy started the rounded off dissing all the big freestyle battle rappers and he came hitting his rap opponent Syahboy with some heavy verses to counter. G souldier countered with some tough punch lines but I wasn't really feeling his flow, it was sloppy. I would have to say the first round was a tie.

In the second round Syahboy in my opinion was a hard act to to follow. G Souldier countered him pretty well I would say and It seemed more like he was free styling. I likes the verse Syahboy spit better it was more consistent and sounded more professional. G soldier flow was edgy but he had hard hitting punchlines.

In the third round G Souldier still had a sloppy flow with some hard hitting punchlines. It was a tie I can't call it

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