Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grind Time Now: Jee Polo vs Ubserd

This rap battle was a tie in the first round. Both rappers had witty punchlines. Jee Polo began the rap battle with a ton of funny Spanish jokes. Ubserd finished the rap battle making jokes about Jee Polo's girl and Jee Polo's mother with a better flow and and he put his rhymes together better.

In round of this rap battle I would have to go with Ubserd as the winner. Ubserd was better at putting his rap lyrics together and rhyming. Both rappers had great Punchlines but Ubserd seemed more skillful. I like the way Ubserd finished off his rap verse and I disliked when Ubserd was rapping and Jee Polo made a remark while he was rapping that was dis respectful.

In the last round of the battle Jee Polo was still getting on Ubserd for his nationality weight and the gap in his teeth. Ubserd countered Jee Polo for talking about his teeth and his flow was still on point. Both of these rappers showed a great amount of creativity in their lyricism. This last round of the rap battle was a draw. This was a funny rap battle.


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