Friday, March 5, 2010

Grind Time Now: THE JUNGLE - Andre Legacy vs. Sazoo

Andre Legacy

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In the first round of this rap battle Andre Legacy was my favorite, he stupid funny. Sazoo is a funny rapper too but not as funny as Andre Legacy but even so in my opinion Sazoo won this round of the rap battle because he hit his opponent with more blows.

In the second round Sazoo spanked Legacy again. Andrey Legacy freestyle rapped but his rapping was funnier. I think Andrey was literally freestyle rapping because at times he was saying anything. He even admitted to be a drug addict.

Andre Legacy from Beverly Hills won this rap battle round. Sazoo messed up and stopped in the middle of his verse and even when he didn't stop he wasn't saying any thing. I guess Sazoo didn't memorize his raps good enough.


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Rap Battle Grind Time Now Presents: Andre Legacy vs. F.L.O.

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