Saturday, March 20, 2010

URL Presents Calicoe vs NuBorn

In the first round of this rap battle Calicoe killed Nu born his rap lyrics was in your face. Calicoe won this rap round of the battle with his witty rap punch lines. After I heard his starting rap verse he was my favorite rapper of this battle.When Calicoe rapped the whole audience got into it when Nu born rapped the audience was silent. Calicoe rapped his way to victory in this round hands down.

In the second round Nu Born's rap verse was dry. He didn't say any good rap lyrics. He didn't say anything worth quoting. Nu Born's rap content was bad. Nu Born's didn't end his rap verse very smooth. Calicoes rap verse was in your face and was braking him down to size strong. Calicoe came with the punchlines real hard.

In the third round Nu Born's rap verses kind of were hard. Nu Born was hyping the crowd up this round with his sick rap punchlines. Calicoe was living up to the Detroit rap reputation that Eminem set with his unique rhyming style.Calicoe won this round of the rap battle without a doubt. Calicoes lyrics were on point and his punchlines were too funny to compete with.

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