Monday, March 8, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Sonny Bamboo & Real Deal vs Yung ZM & Rone

This was my first time seeing a tag team rap battle. In the first rap round Sonnny Bamboo & Real Deal came with better lyrics and seemed to be naturals at this tag team rap event. It was truly a close round but I but young Zm & Rone didn't quite match up this round.

In the second round Real Deal really got Rone when he implied about how Rone's rap voice sounded like a baseball announcer. WOW I was surprised when Young ZM turned around and impersonated Real Deal that was a pretty good impression he made.I thought they were gonna come back and eat him but they ended there rap verse too quick in my opinion. I would go with Sonny Bamboo & Real Deal for this round hands down.

Dam in the third round Sonny Bamboo told Rone to suck a dick filled with aids. He gets crazy rap points for that one. Young ZM & Rone held it down in this rap battle but in my opinion Bamboo & Real Deal take the win.

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