Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rap Battle Grind Time Now/9Five Eyewear Presents: Deacon Frost vs Swave Sevah

In the first round of this rap battle It was pretty Deacon Frost had a tougher delivery in his rap lyrics. Deacon frost was funny with the rap punchlines his last one was funny. Swave Sevah started his verse of this rap battle talking about his workout regiment his verse was more interesting and his rap style was real wise. I enjoyed his rap verse more he seems to be a deep dude with it. Swaves finisher in this round of the rap battle was deep.

In round 2 of the rap battle Deacon Frost's verse was hot . Swave Sevah rap verse was hotter to me because he sounded smarter in his rap verse. Deacon said hot stuff but nothing that I couldn't think of.I like the rap punchline he made referring to head over shoulder

In the third round of the rap battle this rap battle both of these rappers had a lot of laughs. But Swave Sevah rap verse hit a whole lot harder and had harder laughter. Swave Sevah had a wise verse with deep rap punchline that might take you a longer time to figure out if you were slow.


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