Monday, March 8, 2010

Rap Battle: Reggie P Vs Diligent

The first round of this rap battle was done over a beat and They had 6 bars each.In the first round Reggie P and Diligent were tied up their flow was pretty on point. Their punchlines were on it. Reggie was smoother with ending his rap verse in then Diligent.

Then The mic was given to Reggie P again and he went sick on Diligent over the beat. I thought it was round 2 but when Diligent was given the Mic he didn't rap very good on the beat.

Well anyways I guess this is round 2 but anyways they got off the beat and Reggie P killed him off the beat I especially like the way he ended his verse, that shit went hard. Diligent was straight and his delivery wasn't very hard. Diligents rhymes were straight

Then Reggie P went in another round but I guess he was rapping to himself because Diligent didn't spit back at him.

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