Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Everybody Knows vs Detective Blacksmith

Everybody Knows came ready for this freestyle battle and put on quite a show in the first round. He was a loose canon when it came to rapping and started spitting his rhymes as soon as they asked who was going first that boy had heart. His opponent in this rap battle wasn't too shabby neither. Detective Blacksmith said, "I'd run a train on ya moms but ya family would have to build a train for it first". Do you get it, his rap opponent was Asian.I'm almost leaning towards Everybody knows the Asian dude winning this battle because it seems like he spit more punchlines and kept the crowd on it's feet longer

Damn that little Asian dude from Hawaii can rhyme. He whooped Detective Blacksmith in the second round. Detective Blacksmith had a few good bars but nothing spectacular. Blacksmith held his own and barely lost in this round. Everybody Knows is the man his rhymes were funny as hell.

In the third round It was a tie in my opinion but they said Detective Blacksmith took round 3 of this rap battle.But anyways Everybody knows ended up winning both rap battles at the end.


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