Friday, March 19, 2010

URL Presents Soul Khan vs Deacon Frost

Soul Khan is an insanely crazy rapper he took it to another level in the first round. I couldn't see anybody raising the bar after his last rap verse. His rap battle opponent Deacon Frost was an animal and dam his rhymes were funny this was truly quality rap battle. But in my opinion The round of the rap battle goes to Soul Khan his lyrics and delivery was too dominating in this round of the rap battle.

Round 2 of this rap battle was crazy Soul Khan wins you don't even have to see the rest of this rap battle. Soul Khan's rap style and rap delivery is too hard for Deacon Frost to compete with real talk. Soul Khan's every where he's not at all one dimensional he talks about everything but his opponent seemed more like a gangsta rap type. Deacon's rap style is unique probably more so because of his delivery. Soul Khan took this round of the rap battle hands down.

There was no need for a third round in this rap battle they should have just canceled the third round of the rap battle but o well. In my opinion Deacon Frost wasn't gonna be able touch soul khan. His rhymes wasn't strong enough. You got to give it up to Deacon Frost for sticking it out and freestyle rapping the way he did. Deacon Frost was still a hot rapper but Soul Khan won this rap battle hands down.

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