Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Richard Cranium vs Reese (Tryout Battle)

In the first round of this rap battle I would say it was tied up Richard Cranium is more of a lyrical punchline rapper when he was rap battling and Reese was more of a punch line rapper but his lyrics were straight. I enjoy Richard Cranium's rhymes and verse better but based on the crowds reaction and the rap content of what they said, I can't declare a winner for this rap battle.

In the second round Richard cranium's rap verse was heavy . Reese could barely hold his own his rhymes were straight but some of what he said in my opinion didn't even make sense or it made sense but it was nothing really that good.

In the third round of this rap battle Richard Cranium had hot rhymes it's just that he stopped in the middle of his rhymes. In my opinion this rap battle round was a tie based on the crowd reaction and Reese's delivery when he spit his last few rhymes in his rap verse if you dis agree please comment.

Big ups to both rappers they both seem like Grind Time rappers.

Sonny Bamboo And Grind Time Midwest Presents: Monsters In The Midway, Vol. 1

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