Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Beezy vs Diligent


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Beezy the hispanic dude aka the amigos amigo took this round. It truly sounded like his challenger didn't make much sense.This round goes to Beezy. The last rhyme Diligent said was, "dog i'm worth more than a jay in 50 cents session". I can't really put a finger on what he meant I guess he was referring to a 50 cent when he has a studio session, i kind of get it but it was lame I mean come on. I hope your worth more than a blunt that 50 cent is smoking.

Beezy took too long to start in the second round of the rap battle and when he started to rhyme he didn't say anything good. Diligent did a 360 turn around and killed Beezy in this round .He rally surprised me I didn't know he had it in him.

Diligent came hard in the last round and he kind of killed Beezy. Beezy was straight but Diligent tapped into some type of mode and killed him.

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