Friday, January 7, 2011

Grind Time Now Presents: Diligent vs Dinero

Diligent went into spit and claimed to be tired of people saying that he was a queer guy. He also was tired of people having age jokes and telling everyone that his real name was Cory. He claimed he would go to the Jungle and kill his captain. Dinero then anxiously went into rhyme and called Diligent whack. He then compared his rival to breast's and claimed he was trash. He claimed that his opponent was extremely gay. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Diligent went into spit and claimed that he was suppose to battle RC who was on vacation. He claimed that J Fox and Dinero be blowing each other kisses while they are playing Playstation. He then claimed tried to imply that Conceited was his rivals trusted leader and tried to imply that he was Justin bieber. He also told his adversary that he would need harder schemes and wasn't messing with Richard Cranium, Casper, Lund, or Carter Deems. Dinero then went in and claimed he didn't have to stretch his gun and was fly. He claimed that he'd get his opponent's roster burnt and said he would put his gators on his chest. He claimed to have been with his challenger girl and busted a nut in her face. Dinero won this round of the lyrical match.

In the third round of the cypher Diligent asked Dinero took this match and claimed that it was his worst fate. He accused his rival of having sex with J Fox and Qp. Dinero then went into rhyme against Diligent and claimed that he puts in work during rhyme competitions and claimed that he recycled his lines claiming that it was good for the earth. He then called his challengers a girl a psychiatrist. Diligent won this round of the cypher.

Dinero then went into spit against Diligent and claimed to have raw crazy written's. He then claimed to stretch money just to pay attention and made an old man joke. He claimed he would give his adversary a couple of chest shots and claimed shut him down. Diligent then went into spit and subliminally used AYE VERB's name. He claimed that when Dinero loses this match he'd turn and get in racist mode. He claimed that Conceited, Heartless, and Brix Belvedere had bars. He ended his bars claiming that this match was a pay back from slavery. This round of the exhibition is a tie in my opinion.

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