Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grind Time Now Presents: Dizaster vs Jerzy Swift

Jerzy Swift started the lyrical battle with a few insults such as Dizaster being a weak rapper and a mad black Pakistan cracker. He also claimed that his rival was sweet and had bad hygiene. His rhymes were lyrical. He claimed that he was told by Cadalack Ron to whoop on his rival as well. Dizaster then went into rhyme and had a hard rebuttal on Jerzy Swift's breath. He asked lush one was thinking when he set the match up. He showed just how thorough his freestyle skills were, that boy went in. He claimed won this round of the exhibition. Dizaster won this round of the exhibition

In the second round of the lyrical battle Jerzy Swift went into rhyme and accused Dizaster of being more bitch than what he thought he was. He also told his adversary to suck a penis or learn a hard lesson and told him that he was stepping to a boss. He then seemed to be cursing at the people behind his opponent because they were supposedly running there mouths and called his rival a snake as well. He reminded everyone he was from New Jersey as well. Dizaster then went into rhyme and asked Jerzy Swift what he accomplished in his bars besides making everyone hate him. He then claimed that his challengers girl looked like shit compared to his and accused him of looking like an Ecstasy user. He tried to accuse his rivals favorite emcee of being Lil Wayne and claimed that his rival was a song writer. He said he would sock his rival for talking over him and almost got messed up but caught himself. Dizaster won this round of the cypher.

In the third round of the exhibition Jerzy Swift went into spit and brought up Dizaster's match against Vision. He claimed that his opponent was talking like he was tough but was bluffing. He accused his rival of being soft and sweet. He made fun of his opponents eye brows and accused him of smelling like sea food. Dizaster then went into spit and made a funny rebuttal against Jerzy Swift. He claimed that he would cum on his rivals wife if he had the chance ans called his adversary soft. His rhymes were hell of relevant in this round of the match. Dizaster won this round of the match in my opinion.

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