Monday, January 10, 2011

Grind Time Now presents: Dallas vs Meta4ce

Dallas anxiously started the match and called Meta4ce the Scribble Jam punching bag. This man seemed to be trying to imply that his adversary was on the message boards talking about how he was coming back and seemed to be implying E Money Bags did the same thing. Meta4ce then went into rhyme and said there was something wrong with Dallas. He had too long of a pause during his verse and i think he had forgotten his lines for a quick second. He also accused his challenger of being the outside of an inside joke. Dallas won this round of the exhibition but Meta4ce was funny.

Dallas then went into this round of the lyrical battle and claimed to have had sex with Erica Horn which is supposedly Meta4ce's girl friend. He said that his rival was lame while he claimed to be ill. He tried to call his rival Little Richard if he was on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Meta4ce then went into freestyle and told Sonny Bamboo that he was wilding because his adversary wasn't a challenge. He accused his opponent of being depressed and watching Star Trek the next generation. He implied at the end that his rival would die in a struggle with a woman trying to mug him for his coach bag. Dallas won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher Dallas went into rhyme against Meta4ce and claimed nothing is real. He claimed that he gets pussy when he is out of town and claimed to be Brian Gumble. He claimed to have heard his rival had girl trouble and said something about how his rival kept on talking through his verse. Meta4ce then went into rhyme and claimed Dallas had big ass teeth. He then accused his opponent of using a paint brush sized tooth brush and of being a mythological creature. He also accused his adversary of having big teeth and claimed he had a light skinned daughter. Dallas won this round of the exhibition, but Meta4ce was too funny.

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