Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grind Time Now presents: Swave Sevah vs Dizaster (Hosted By Poison Pen & Cormega)

Swave Sevah started the battle first and claimed to know what the people were thinking. He then claimed that Dizaster would try hard to rebuttal something and claimed his adversary was a butter soft trust fund baby. He then proceeded to imply that his rival was a fake and claimed to be at the top of the food chain. He then went onto show his lyrical syllabic skills and ended comparing him to a bag of weed. Dizaster then went into rhyme and tried to imply Swave Sevah was sleeping on him and introducing him self. He claimed to feel like a white guy in Nigeria. He compared his challengers rhymes to Method man and Red man teaming up. He claimed that Iron man couldn't stop him and claimed that his opponent wouldn't mention his age and claimed he use to watch Adam and Eve have sex. This whole round was an incredible display of lyricism by both of these emcees. This round of the live event was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the lyrical battle Swave Sevah went into rhyme and seemed to bringing up Hurricane Katrina. He told a long story about it and tried to compare it to Dizaster name. He then asked his rival about his Asian jokes that he had in Prior battles and claimed he'd beat him up until he got Bin Laden's location out of him. Dizaster went in and claimed he needed everyone to be calm and mentioned Team Homi. He then claimed to have shit to tell the people claiming that Swave Sevah was dating a cop. He claimed that his adversary was a senior citizen and a corny rhymer. He also claimed his adversary went to school with PH. He was hell of rowdy and was talking junk to people in the crowd. The man even threatened DNA, Cortez, and Okwerdz. This round was a tie in my opinion

In the third round of of the one on one battle Swave Sevah brought up Dizaster's match against Nocando and A class. He then claimed there was a difference in his PH match. He tried to imply that his rival was scared like a bitch to walk to the store. He claimed that his rival did't live was he spoke of. He claimed that his opponent reminds him of someone with a mental disorder. He then proceeded to mock him. Dizaster went into rhyme and claimed that he spoke to 90 percent of Grind Time rappers on the phone and claimed Swave Sevah was like a big brother to him. He claimed that top tier emcees from aroud his adversary's way wouldn't battle him and mentioned Cameron, Mase, Canibus, un kasa and Nu Born. His lyrical skills were too thorough. Dizaster won this round of the rap battle in my opinion.

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