Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grind Time Now presents: Cl9wd vs Richard Cranium

Cl9wd started the cypher first and claimed that he didn't know whether to style on Richard Cranium or get wild with him. He then claimed that his adversary's parents don't believe in him and called him a piece of shit. He claimed that his opponent's mind was either missing or non existent and called his insults scribble scrabble. Richard Cranium then went into spit and asked if he should talk about Cl9wd and his gimmicks or his girl friend. He then accused her of having a pussy wide enough for Syd Vicious to fit his body inside. He claimed that his rival should be begging Deuce for forgiveness. Richard Cranium won this round of the match in my opinion.

In the second round of the lyrical battle Cl9wd then went into rhyme and claimed to know why Richard Cranium was mad. He then claimed his adversary was scared and claimed he was scared to take flight. He called his rival nigga and claimed that he would leave him hanging. His verse was lyrical. Richard Cranium then went into rhyme and claimed that Cl9wd couldn't follow. He claimed that his rivals best bet was to call him the Honky Tonk man. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Cl9wd went into spit and claimed Richard Cranium was broke. He then accused his adversary's girl friend of having no breast's and started forgetting his lines. Richard Cranium then went into rhyme and claimed he would assault Cl9wd. He also claimed the word multi was for faggots and claimed he should turn his rival to Roast Beef. He compared him self a Juice Crew cassette and Guru towards the end. Richard Cranium won this round of the exhibition.

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