Thursday, January 6, 2011

Angry Locals / Grind Time Now Presents: Mic Phenom vs Kristylez

Mic Phenom started the match first and claimed Kristylez should have never accepted his match and claimed to be the best. He then implied that he would put his opponent to rest in Hawaii. He also compared that the outcome of one on one battle to a scene on Scarface. Kristylez then went into rhyme and implied that he would beat Mic Phenom. He claimed that his adversary using local references is as offensive as him if he were to use the N word. He then claimed that his rival got kicked out the military for being a rapist. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

Mic Phenom then went into rhyme and seemed to be trying to accuse Kristylez of being a silent racist. He then claimed that home is where the heart is and implied that he took his flow all the way to Rome. He claimed to have brought his steak knife to chop his rival up and accused him of having a number one album that never left Hawaii. Kristylez then went into spit and claimed he was gonna give Mic Phenom a back hand. He then seemed to be trying to imply that he was eating his opponent subliminally and accused him of being irrelevant since birth. Kristylez won this round of the exhibition.

In the third round of the match Mic Phenom went into spit and claimed he was gonna expose a lie. He claimed to be happy about Kristylez coming of his retirement and he accused his rival of being the type to dress up like a transvestite just to get sex. Kristylez went into spit and claimed that he was gonna serve Mic Phenom and bugaboo. He claimed that his rival wanted to bang him and he started coming off the top of the dome saying anything towards the end. Mic Phenom won this round of the match in my opinion.

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