Monday, January 3, 2011

Streetarena: J-Dub vs Titan

J-Dub started the exhibition and claimed Titan was a geek and he wouldn't get cool points from rapping against him. The man also was less than modest claiming to bring nightmares to reality and children. The man also accused his rival of looking broke as hell. He ended his verse comparing his guns to orchestra instruments. Titan went in to rhyme and claimed to to strike like lightning. He then claimed to be a one man army and he even brought up B Rabbit. I didn't feel his delivery strong enough. J-Dub won this wound of the exhibition in my opinion.

J-Dub went in and claimed that this was his third battle. He called Titan a bum who was ugly and broke. He also claimed that he could make money off of his rival who he accused of being a drug addict and implied killing his. Titan then went into spit and claimed to have messed up during his first battle but was focused for that night. He was clearly spitting a verse that he had memorized and claimed that J-Dub was a snitch. J-Dub won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher J-Dub went into flow then claimed to have came to set flames to his opposition and that everything he wrote was hot. He even referenced E Ness from Making The Band. Titan then went into spit and implied J-Dub be hanging at gay clubs. He then implied running up and making his adversary getting scared when he runs up on him. He then finished off the round spitting his verse which was hot lyrically and flow wise but otherwise i wasn't feeling it. J-Dub won this round of the match.

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