Monday, January 3, 2011

BX Vs. NJ Rap Battle: Dot Comm Vs. Da Kid

Da Kid started the mc battle claiming that he would put an end to Dot Comm's career and twisted his rival's website name. He then compared he would do to his adversary to Young Drakes album and claimed to be all over his city and hood. Dot Comm then went into freestyle implying that he needed to get things straight. He tried to call his oppositions mix tape trash. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

Da Kid then went into flow and Dot Comm to stop with the mean mugs and mentioned his home boy keeping a 40 cal. He ended his bar claiming that his opposition lost his Fight Club match. Dot Comm then went into spit and seemed to be accusing Da Kid of talking junk on Facebook. Da Kid won this round of the exhibition by a little bit more in my opinion.

The emcee known as Da Kid then went into spit and claimed to have looked Dot Comm up on Google and had no results. He even added stage props aka his phone and all. Dot Comm then went in and told Da Kid he could show him love or hate and compared using his blade to ultra sound. Dot Comm won this round of the tournament.

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