Saturday, January 8, 2011

Grind Time Now presents: Dallas vs 3PFD

Dallas started the cypher with an ass hole approach and brought up the fact that 3PFD was a Christian rapper. He then claimed that it was torture though he was about to win and asked Sonny Bamboo how he put him up against Plastic Solomon. He then said that his rival had a crucifix made of stretch marks and claimed that his rival was a lame. 3PFD then went into spit and claimed that Dallas had the looks and game of Carleton and Jazz combined. he also accused his rival of losing to Mike Flamez. He claimed that he be messing with his adversary's girl and ended his verse with wrestling references. This round was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the lyrical battle Dallas went into rhyme and claimed 3PFD was about to catch sweet chin music. He claimed he would get his rival on Craig list and order a net. He also implied his rival should be Buddhist and cursed at him. 3PFD went into rhyme and claimed that he could be wannabe a gangster too but claimed that he wasn't scared to be a good guy. He talked about how he went to church and seemed to be calling Dallas a Hermaphrodite.

Dallas then went into spit and was mocking 3PFD anxiously. He then imitated how his adversary was rhyming when he was in freestyle cyphers with him. He also claimed that his rival was no good at fighting. 3PFD then went into spit and claimed that Dallas wasn't hard. He then called his rival the worlds biggest internet troll with nerd friends and claimed that his girlfriend was a mack. Dallas won this round of the cypher because 3PFD had a few dead punchlines.

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