Sunday, January 2, 2011

Streetarena: Timbad vs Carti Vegas

Timbad started the exhibiton explaining what he had did earlier that morning and claimed to love his haters even though they probably talk bad about him when they probably couldn't live a day without him. He called Carti Vegas stupid to doubt him and implied that he didn't have money to trick with. He went in for real. Carti Vegas then went into rhyme and seemed to giving Timbad an alternative of what he could do. He bragged about how his guns worked and how he could shoot it from long range. He claimed that his rival was a joke and cursed at him then claimed he was gonna have sex with his girl and pass her around. His rhymes weren't as hard as delivery but they were strong. Timbad won this round of the cypher by a tad bit more.

In the second round of the lyrical battle Timbad implied laughing at men and giving them the same respect as hookers. He said to call him Captain Hook and told Carti Vegas to get on or get shit on and implied hanging with his girl. He claimed to be a beast and bragged about white and black girls thought about him. Carti Vegas then went into spit and claimed that when he was finished ER would have to see Timbad in. He accused his opponent of not living what he's spitting and claimed that he was dick rider. He claimed that it was his time and compared himself to lip gloss. It almost sounded like he bit off of Big L. This round of the exhibition was a tie in my opinion.

in the third round of the match Timbad went in and claimed to be balling was about a dollar. He claimed that he would snap on Carti Vegas and implied messing with his mother. His lyrical skills were thorough. Carti Vegas went in and claimed to be the hottest in his area and implied making Timbad strip like Erika Badu. He claimed that he is in the streets and the industry was next. Yo his punchlines were too hot and I would have gave it to him if he didn't bite off of T Rex. Timbad won this round of the match.

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