Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grind Time Now presents: Fat Rat vs ItsWhatever

Fat Rat started the cypher claiming that ItsWhatever's real name was Bryan and had the same real name as his. He then accused his opposition of lacking rhythm and playing dumb. He then implied that he would leave his adversary crying as well. He also claimed that he hoped this battle would change his opponent's Hip Hop symmetry. ItsWhatever then went into claim that he could tell just by looking at Fat Rat he has a horrible life. He also tried to accuse his adversary of practicing incest. He went hard when it came to making fat jokes on his rival implying that he couldn't tell the difference between his rivals head and breast's. He also told a story on how the match came to pass and claimed that he had met his opponent prior to the match up. He had relevant rhymes implying that his opponent battled his own mother. ItsWhatever won this round of the match in my opinion.

Fat Rat went into spit and claimed ItsWhatever wanted to be black. He said that he respected a a ton of civil rights activist's such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther king. He also compared his rival to the famous drag queen Rupaul. ItsWhatever then went into spit and claimed to be good all over Fat Rat's state. He even made a dis to the state of Ohio and claimed that they always lose. He asked his challenger what he was thinking when he got his tattoo's. He claimed to have looked up his adversary and found a video of his rival throwing up and taking a poop. ItsWhatever won this round of the exhibition in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Fat Rat went in and seemed to be claiming that he was a male escort back in the day. He also said he would punch ItsWhatever jaw until his neck was twisted and his teeth fly far away. He claimed in Pittsburgh they call his rival MR one take. ItsWhatever then went into spit and claimed he would put Fat Rat in menopause. He claimed after the match that his challenger would be afraid to write and claimed that his opponent didn't know what pain was like. His rhymes were hard and in your face. ItsWhatever won this round of the exhibition.

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