Monday, March 29, 2010

Rap Battle DON'T FLOP - Odie Vs Jay Madden

In the first round of this Rap Battle Odie started the Rap Battle. Odies rap punchlines were on point. Jay Madden had more outrageous rap punchlines in this round of the rap battle. Jay Madden may have won this round of the rap battle. I liked his flow and rap punchlines better.

In the second round of this rap battle Odie had some good rap punchlines. Jay Madden was the better MC of this round of the rap battle. I enjoyed his rap punchlines and the consistency of his rap flow . Madden was good at matching syllables.

Odie held his own in this rap battle but I think Jay Maddens rap punchlines and flow is better. odies rap flow was sloppy but he had pretty good rap punchlines.

In the last round of the rap battle both rapMc's brought the heat but in my opinion Odie won.

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