Monday, March 29, 2010

Rap Battle Grind Time Now Presents: Celestial vs Vokab

In the first round of this rap battle Celestial made me laugh the most he was the probably the youngest dude in there. He had funny comedic rap punchline and his rap flow was super fluent. Vokab defended himself with witty rap punchlines. His rap flow was some what fluent.

Celestial wasn't bad in the second round of the rap battle.Vokab got Celestial in this round of the rap battle Celestial lost.Vokabs s rap delivery was too sick.You could feel his expression.

Celestial came way harder in this round of the rap battle. celestials rap flow and his rap punchlines was 100 percent on it in the last round of this rap battle.Vokabs rappunchlines and rap delivery was harder.

In the last round of the rap battle Vokab lost his momentum but celestial kept up his hardcore rap flow and punchlines and he upped his rap delivery as well.

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