Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grind Time Now : HighCollide vs Swave Sevah

Swave Sevah
High Collide

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In the first round of this rap battle both of these men were evenly matched. This round was too close. High collide hit Swave was better at rhyming with syllables. Swave Sevah had some really good complex deep rhymes.Between the both i can't decide who was better during this round of the rap battle. I especially was feeling when Swave said that High Collides edge-up looks like the Mc Donalds logo.

In the second round Swave was going Bonkers, I dig the way he puts words together. This round was steal hard to call as well because as sick as High Collides rhyme style was Swave was truly countering em and coming out equally as hard and just as raw.For this round in my opinion i would have to say they both tied up.

This round was another tie High Collide was suffocating his opponent Swave Sevah with rhymes from every which way with his super crazy delivery. Swave Sevah was doing a more than good job of holding his own.In my opinion they both tied it up in the third round.

Swave came hard but he stopped in between but he wasn't bad to be freestyling. Swave Sevah went hard all the way in the last round with no messing up and no slipping he killed High Collide.These guys both fought hard to the end but Swave won that round for sure.


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