Monday, March 22, 2010

KOTD - Skelly vs Osa (Promo Battle)

In the first round of this rap battle. I would say it was a tie between these two rappers. Skelly started the rap battle off with real hardcore intense rap punchlines. Osa had some hard rap lyrics up his sleeve as well. Osa rap delivery was better and his rap flow was smoother.

Skelly's rap flow and rap delivery sounded better in the second round of the rap battle. Osa said had more attacks during the second round of the battle round . Osa's finishing rap verse was straight but it wasn't all that. But he had the best rap punch line in round 2 so I have to give him the rap battle win in my opinion.

The win for the third round of the rap battle belongs to Osa. Osa won this rap round of the rap battle his rhymes were too hard. Skelly held his own during this round of the rap battle. Skelly just didn't come hard enough I don't know maybe it's harder when you are the first rapper to start off the battle.

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