Sunday, March 21, 2010

URL Presents Shotgun Suge vs HollyHood

The rap battle in the first round started when Shot gun Suge spit his rap verse first. HollyHood spit a corny rap verse. Shotgun Suge beat this dude in the first round this rap battle hands down. HollyHood's rap verse didn't excite the crowd as much as much as Shotgun Suge. In my opinion Shot gun Suge won this round of the rap battle.

Shotgun Suge in the next rap round spit some some super raw rap lyrics when he incorporated scenes from the classic rap movie juice. Shot Gun Suge was real creative with this excellent display of his talented rap skills that he exhibited in the second round of this rap battle. HollyHood wasn't rapping garbage in the this round of this rap battle. HollyHood might have even rapped himself to victory this round of the rap battle but I can't call it.HollyHood hit Shotgun Suge with a good ass lyrical rap counter move. I can't tell which rap lyricist won this round of the rap battle. This was round was a great display of lyricism by both rappers.

HollyHood in the third round of this rap battle beat him without a doubt. Shotgun Suge stopped rapping in the middle of his rap verse. Holly Hood actually was saying some good rap punchlines this round worth cheering for. HollyHood's rap lyrics were on point. Shot gun suge said a few dope rhymes but HollyHood won this round of the rap battle and you might as well say the whole rap battle.

Sonny Bamboo And Grind Time Midwest Presents: Monsters In The Midway, Vol. 1

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