Friday, March 26, 2010

Rap Battle Grind Time Presents: Everybody Knows & Sykull vs Reverse Live & Mic Phenom Rap Battle (Freestyle battle)

This was a tag team rap battle but in the first round Sykull was holding his weight against both of Reverse Live was holding his own in this spontaneous rap battle where everyone seemed to be spitting freestyle battle rap verses . This round of the rap battle would have to go Everybody Knows & Sykull because there team work in this rap battle truely brought the force and they held it down out there. Everybody knows had a interesting rap delivery and Sykull had a good rap flow and the both of them were consistently lyrical.

In the second round Reverse Live was doing most of this rap battle himself because his partner Mic Phenom was no help They both got demolished. Everybody Knows & Sykull were too spontaneous in this round of the tag team rap battle. They both had powerful rap punchlines. Reverse Live had some good rap punchlines too

Everybody Knows & Sykull were too had hard funny rap punchlines. They kept the crowd laughing and was able to keep the cipher going while their rap opponents kept fumbling on their rap punchline. Everybody knows & Skykull slipped up in this round of the rap battle but not as bad as their opponents. Everybody & Sykull won this round of the rap battle and Reverse Live & Mic Phenom lost this rap battle.

Knock Em' Out the Park [Explicit]
Pick Up the Pace (Feat. Phenom) (Mic)
Pick Up the Pace (Feat. Phenom) (No Mic)

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