Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rap battle KOTD - GPR2 - poRich vs Mcnight

The Rap Battle was started by poRich his rap punchlines were strong and he proved himself strong in the first round of this rap battle.poRich was getting all in his rap opponents Mcnight's face Mcnight had a better rap flow of this rap battle. I think Mcnight ended his rap verse too soon.

In the second round of this rap battle poRich had a lot of good metaphor's for Mcnight. Mcnight was had a better rap flow and his rap punchlines were harder. I would have to give round 2 of this rap battle.

poRich was a beast in this rap round and I think Mcnight got choked up by it that's why he kept on stumbling on his rap verse. Mcnight's rap flow was better. I didn't like when poRich touched his opponent but a rap battle is part performance as well as lyrical rap skill.



  1. So I thought the least I could do since I saw you on Clixsense was comment. This one I actually liked. The battle was pretty good. Thought the young guy lost mostly since he screwed up in round 3. Anyway, only use 5 tags for your entries, google will like you more :) And try out something like Entrecard or Adgitize they work better for showing off your blog

  2. i would rip deez niggas im sorry. man im a white boy also. but i would rippem i bring Khaos-KidKhaos


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