Saturday, March 27, 2010

RAP BATTLE KOTD - GPR2 - Loe Pesci vs Mischief

In the first round Mischief started the rap battle with expensive heat as he would call it. Mister's rap punchlines was straight fire in this rap battle and his first one was some what deep.His rap flow was some sloppy during some of his rap verses. Loe Pesci had some hot rap punhlines and his rap flow was on point.

In the second round of this rap battle Mischief almost slipped up but he caught himself. Loe Pesci's rap flow was smoother and his rap punchlines were hot.I would have to give this round of the rap battle to Loe Pesci. Loe Pesci was a lot more consistent in the end.

Loe Pesci was victorious in this round of the rap battle his rap punchlines were sharp and hard hitting like daggers. Mischief didn't have any many good rap punchlines in this round of the rap battle. In fact Mischief slipped and messed up during the middle of his rap verse.

In this last round of the rap battle Loe Pesci spit some cold rap punchlines with no regards He took this one by a snip Mischief made a little slip up nothing major.

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