Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GTGA Armageddon Tryout: D. Mills vs New Era

In the first round of this rap battle New Era had the energy and was extra hype but his rap battle lyrics were garbage. He didn't hype anybody up wit those elementary rap rhymes the crowd was quiet the whole time. D. Mills killed him in this round even if he did stop, mess up, and have to catch himself in the middle of his rap verse. He took the first round hands down. D Mills killed New Era with them fat man rap jokes.

New Era started gaining a little momentum in the second round of this rap battle but most of the time it was dead in the back round, most of his rhymes were garbage. I can't say that D. Mills won this rap round but he did keep the crowd awake on it's toes he stopped and paused in the middle of his rap verse for too long. My judgment for this round was a draw.

New Era thought he was doing something good in the third round of this rap battle when he brought up something about his rap opponent D. Mills. I guess D mills is an R&B singer, but so what. In my opinion all he was doing was making himself look like a corny lyricist. How are you gonna almost lose a battle to an R&B singer, you must suck balls buddy. In the end the only reason New Era won this battle in my opinion was because D Mills was inconsistent and kept stopping in the middle of his verses but it's a shame because his rhymes were spontaneous and he was pretty rap lyrics seemed to be free-styled.


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