Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Badnewz vs Reallistik Rap Battle

In the first round of this rap battle my opinion is that Reallistik had a real charismatic rap flow and funny witty rap punchlines and he seemed to be freestyle rapping most of it but probably slipped some written rap verse in between. Badnewz had a more consistent rap flow and delivery. Badnewz was less comical but he spit some hot fire in the first round and killer rap punch lines. In the first round of the rap battle I would say that Reallistik won that round but I could understand if some one else says that Badnewz won the rap battle.

In the second Badnewz wasn't loose enough and wasn't as natural but it he went hard and his rhymes were good his rap delivery wasn't strong enough.I couldn't feel his presence. Reallistik was more spontaneous and smooth and had a better.Reallistik wasn't the most consistent with putting syllables together.

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