Monday, March 15, 2010


In the first round of this rap battle I was feeling both of what they had to say. Black Harlem was less One dimensional so I enjoyed hearing what he had to say more in this rap battle. I would have to give the first round of this rap battle to Black Harlem.

In the second round of this rap cypher Amistad Black went hard but, his rap verse was too long though. He had hot punchlines in some of his rap verses. Black Harlem's rap verse was more short and to the point. I would have to say this round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

The third round of the rapping battle was cool. Black Harlem played the word mother fucker out. Amistad Black said some hot shit this round of the Hip Hop battle and he may have got Black Harlem by a bit I can't call it. I might have to give this round of the hip hop cypher to Amistad Black.

In the fourth round of this rap battle round Amistad Black won this rhyme cypher round hands down. Black Harlem kept repeating himself. Amistad Black used one of the same quote in every round of this MC battle but when it came down to it he had more punchlines in his rap verses for this round of the M C battle.

Black Harlem won this battle in my opinion. Amistad Black lost because he stopped in the middle if his rap verse. You can't be doing that when you rap it's unprofessional.

As a result Black Harlem won this whole battle

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