Friday, February 26, 2010

Grind Time: Dirtbag Dan vs Tiger Ty

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During the first end of the battle Dirtbag Dan was truly kicking up dust. My favorite rhyme that he said in the first round was ," In my trunk I got a pair of boots a buck knife and a parachute , see i'm a cut this pear in two turn him in to a pair of fruit, get blood on my pair of shoes", I missed what he said right after that but he ended up later saying, "I see some of yall are confused like whats he gonna do with the parachute? well after you get people that are scared to shoot, can't figure out weather to aim at the hair or the tooth, I'm a use the parachute to jump off of the terris roof". That rhyme gets a 2 thumbs up he really got the crowd going with that one. Dirtbag was truly unique unique with his style and delivery.When Tiger TY came in he hit his opponent Dirtbag with a style that was mad unique i didn't really understand all of his verses but perhaps somebody else might i am gonna listen to his round again later. I might say round 1 was a tie

Dirtbag starts round two off boasting about how he gets mega women and how they can't blink because they don't wanna miss looking at him. Maybe I should let my beard grow out perhaps I would get more women that way.Well anyways round 2 was real close.I love watching these two battle rappers go at it because they are two funny.The second round truly brought laughter to me.I was having a bad day until i seen this battle.I would have to give this round to dirt bag.I must say Tiger Ty was funnier especially when Tiger Ty referred to Dirtbag living in back of Radio Shack.

This round was truly exciting. Dirt bag really gave got Tiger TY with thiis one punch line he said,"while other cowards live in fear, i get in gear," then he said something else after that i didn't understand what he said, he then finished the rhyme off saying, "the only thing i use a tiger swipe for is to trim my beard". That rhyme was truly hilarious. Tiger TY surely lost the last round but he surely held his own .I couldn't stop laughing the whole time. This battle has got to be my favorite of all. I like the vibe of and the atmosphere they were battling in. This was surely different than a battle that would take place in my time zone on the east coast. Well anyways these are my thought s of this rap battle so feel free to leave a comment.

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