Friday, February 26, 2010

Grind Time: A-Class vs George Jetson

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A-Class truly came hard in the first round. His first line was, "ay yo i freestyle in this batlle cuz your not that clever" plus his delivery though out the battle was spontaneous enough to be a freestyle which is enough to make me assume it was just that. This little dude truly proved to be the opposite of what he labeled his opponent to be , very witty. George Jetson held his own and truly brought the heat in the next round. He spit some lyrical fire but I can't give him the first round by any means. My opinion is he lost that round. A-class Gets an A- for the first round George Jetson was like between a B and a C+ His energy rhymes, and delivery just didn't match up to son.

In the second round of the grind time rap battle It sounded like A-Class was getting him until i listened to rhymes over again. He was truly saying a lot rhymes that sounded good but when you really pieced together what he was saying he had rhymes and rap lyrics that made no sense. Maybe i just didn't get a lot of the metaphors he was trying to spit and he did make sense I don't know. George Jetson touches on this a little later but not in this round. George Jetson surely hel his own in this round but not good enough I would say to combat the barrage of rhymes that A-Class was threw at him from the top of the dome. This round beyond a doubt went to A-class.

In the last round George Jetson tried to imitate A-Classes rhyme style but it backfired and made him look stupid. In my opinion he shouldn't have even tried it . Firstly he didn't do a very good job imitating and secondly he stuttered about three times the third time was the worst. When he did that he totally lost his credibility of winning. In my opinion A-class Won the last round of the rap battle which would make him the champ.

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Grind Time: A-Class vs George Jetson

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