Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: E-Dub vs Bockey Balboa

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E-Dub killed Bockey Balboa killed E-Dub in round 1. Bockey didn't say nonthing this round. E-Dub had the catchy metaphors and I think what help him win that round was Bockey stopping too long in between a few punch lines.

E-Dub Annihilated annihilated Bockey Balboa. In the second round He said he was freestyle rapping. so i take his word for it. It seemed like it was spontaneous. E-dub was truly the worthy adversary this round. Bockey's last punchline still was hot.

In the third round E-Dub killed him from the start. E-dub really had the bar going crazy.Those drunk fools were losing there minds in the back round.Bockey bit off of one Big L's oldest freestyle rhymes I felt like that move killed him even if it was freestyle rapping.When it come to battle rapping you have to be perform good weather you freestyle or spit writtens.

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