Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grind Time: Sahtyre vs Real Deal Freestyle Battle

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At the beginning of this battle the one of the judges or referees said that they were live from the mecca of battle rap. I didn't know La is the mecca of battle rap. Well anyways, In the First round Sahtyre the rapper from LA, came hard with a few hot punch lines. This is my first time seeing him. For some reason he reminds me of Bleu Davinci it must be his facial features because it ain't his rhymes. His rap style sounds more on a battle rapper tip. The first punchline he said was kind of catchy. He said, "mood swings dissed the crips i told him you was his cousin".My next favorite punch line that he said was when he said something about flipping the script so fast you would think the word nigga slipped. It was one of those rhymes that you would be like, "hay why didn't I think of that?". When Sahtyre was finished with his verse The Real Deal a rapper from Pittsburgh jumped right in it right after and said his verse. I have to admit I didn't think Real Deal would be able to match him but i was wrong. The first punch line he said that i liked was, "I'll kill you then I'll massacre your buddies, fuck body bags for these softy fags I'll carry them out in Snuggies." His last punchline that he said to sahtyre was quote "You left La once and got the treatment that Rodney got."

On the second round I was totally digging Sahtyres energy in the second round he had a lot of great rhymes. He's really good at putting words together. Sahtyres said, "your not that dude from Youtube your that dude from Blues clues" . There were a lot of laughs when he did his thing.When The Real Deal came in shortly after it didn't take him very long to grab the crowd when he countered one of Sahtyres rhymes with his witty come backs.The real Deal made a reference to Sahtyres Rap style and said he looks like he's drowning when he raps. The real Deal was extremely clever. He finished off saying that he took the Grey Hound bus to get there.

Sahtyre went right into the third round of this battle hitting hard.Sahtyres highlight moment was when he said, "your like a super hero that can't fly it's ab bird it's a plane nope just a regular guy." It was also kind of funny when Sahtyres compared him to an announcer at wrestle mania. When The real deal went in for his verse the he made a reference to Sahtyre losing to the most hated rapper on Grindtime and stopped to give a shot out in the middle of the verse. He said something disrespectful so i guess he had to clear it up. It's funny how these battle rappers can get carried away with there mouths. But anyways,The Real Deal best line was when he said at the end i heard, "I heard Sahtire doesn't hurt animals what the fuck chance you think he'd stand against me."

There was a surprise 4th round i guess The Real Deal went first this time he gave Sahtire a few lyrical upper cuts but I'd have to give that one to Saftire

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