Friday, February 26, 2010

Grind Time: Dolla vs RC

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Dolla the opponent from ATL came hard at the beginning of the rap battle. I like his delivery and he was some what clever. Dolla doesn't seem like the battle rap type he seems more like the type to make rap songs with catchy hooks. His opponent from Virginia seemed more like a battle rapper. I could tell from the beginning of this battle that I wasn't gonna hear anything spectacular that i never heard. They looked like some simple rappers and that's just what they were in round 1.

The second round was real simple but i liked when Dolla said, "the only time he bust a slug is when he step on the bug".That rhyme was somewhat clever. RC came hard but not hard enough he didn't really say many catchy rap punchlines. Dolla got that round in my opinion but not by that much.

In the third round Dolla came extremely hard with great rap metaphors.Dolla won this whole battle in my opinion. RC wasn't even rhyming some of the time. Dolla came with his a game even if a lot his rhymes were elementary and seemed rehearsed and non-spontaneous.
Don't get the wrong idea I have nothing against these guys I'm just a spectator that's critical on rap .

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