Friday, October 8, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Real Deal & Rone vs Troy Brown & Roosevelt

Real Deal started the two on two tag team rap cypher first for his team getting up in Roosevelt's face. He tried to imply that Troy Brown acts white and his partner Rone then went in and taunted his opponent about his internet habits. Real Deal seemed to be trying to accuse Troy Brown of making bond fires in a dumpster and singing and Rone had white jokes about him. Roosevelt then started his verse for his team claiming to have absolutely no idea how to write for Real Deal and then made a little joke about Rone. Troy Brown then went and claimed to get a lot of comparison's Rone and Roosevelt went in and called Real Deal a regular Joe. He called his opposition a Troy Brown then started getting on his two challengers saying that one of them had the face of a country singer and accused him of looking like he was in the movie Jungle Fever. He accused Rone of switching up on ZM and accused Real Deal of running from Fresco. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

Real Deal then went into spit for his team and claimed that he gives Roosevelt mother elephant dick. Rone then seemed to be countering what Troy Brown said and got at him in a fast syllabic manner. Real Deal then went in and tried to accuse Roosevelt of being the 17 year old hooker that gave Lawrence Taylor a hand job and accused him of kissing all over a fat chick. Rone seemed to be trying to call the mans girl a trans gendered woman. Troy Brown hen started to rap for his team with a serious ass face on and brought up his adversary's match against A-class. Roosevelt then went into say a slick punchline. He told his challenger to buy a X Box and then Troy Brown then went into say a one too. Troy Brown & Roosevelt won this round in my opinion based on the two hottest punchlines during this match

In the third round of the lyrical clash Real Deal then into spit and tried to accuse Troy Brown of sounding like a politician and going to Princeton. He said that he would get head from his adversary's mothers at the parent teacher conferences. Rone ended off for his team with aggression and saying accused his oppositions of beating the board of education. Roosevelt then started the verse for his team and Troy Brown accused Rone of taking kid caustic out his bird cage. These two emcees were thorough with there collaboration and there ending was thorough as well. Roosevelt and Troy Brown won this round of the competition in my opinion.

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