Tuesday, October 12, 2010

KOTD - Rap Battle - Sketch Menace vs Dirtbag Dan

Sketch Menace started this rap competition first and claimed that Dirtbag Dan was a registered sex offender. He said that his adversary would probably molest a girl if you put her beside him. He accused Dirtbag Dan of not being sable to get laid. He accused his adversary of farming and making pigs squeal in the past. He claimed he would take a hack saw to his oppositions throat and accused his adversary of being from an Amish community aka paradise. Dirtbag Dan then went into spit and claimed that Sketch Menace was basically a rough draft of the whole picture. He brought up his opponent's match with Ubserd and claimed to be a career criminal. He tried to imply that he should be up against HFK or anyone with a better style and He had a punchline that was almost quotable shit in this first round.

In the second round of the hip hop cypher Sketch Menace went into flow and brought up the fact that Dirtbag Dan had highly viewed battles against Soul Khan, Thesaurus, and Nocando. He claimed that the only reason his rival gets views is because of the people he goes up against have fans. Dirtbag Dan then went into rhyme and told Sketch Menace he was an ass clown. He said that his challenger wasn't suppose to be here in the first place. He accused Hollohan of being his adversary's leading man. He brought up the fact that Sensa and definition were there but claimed that they were missing Madness. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion as well.

In the third round of the competition Sketch Menace went into spit and didn't hesitate to make fun of Dirtbag Dan's looks. He claimed that his adversary would get to meet the coroner for the second time and claimed that Dirtbag Dan's last album sucked. He told his adversary that he hated him from the bottom of his heart and said that his he would never reach the top of the charts based on his music. He ended by implying that during two on two matches that his opponent has Soul Khan does all the work. Dirtbag Dan then went into rhyme against Sketch Menace and say it doesn't matter to him when people Soul Khan because he beat him in three rounds. He claimed that this battle was a warm up before he smashes Mac Lethal and seemed to be impling that he wanted to battle E Ness. He claimed that PH called him out in New York and claimed that his adversary had never seen an actual hood or a pound of good weed. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of the rhyme battle Dirtbag Dan went into spit and said they think of him when they say robbery. He brought up how Tricky P was cheated out of a King Of The Dot victory as well and implied that Sketch Menace never beat an American. He subliminally brought up F.L.O. as well and said his definition of his challenger was poor. Sketch Menace then went into rhyme and made fun of the things that Dirtbag Dan usually says. He then started to say that when his adversary spits he has to reach out to the public and then started to stutter and forget his rhymes. He then started to spit again claiming to have heard his album and made fun of the way he lives. Dirtbag Dan surely won this round of the event.


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